Backend Developer

SMART-Trailer: Backend Developer

Delft | Fulltime | 32 – 40 hours HBO or university |

How you would describe your job to friends

I am responsible for the design and maintenance of a fast growing worldwide database for a technical start-up in Delft.

Are you our NodeJS / web specialist?

Are you always full of energy and striving for the best result? Would you like to be responsible for the full back-end development of E-Trailer? Are you able to work efficiently with large responsibilities? Than we are looking for you!

Together with the other software developers you are responsible for the mining and storage of sensor data. You will work closely with both the app and embedded developers in the company. We are a fast growing start-up inside the best tech-incubator of Europe (YES!Delft). At the moment we sell our products on 4 different continents. All these products produce data that we want to collect. Will you help us reach this goal?

Who is E-Trailer?

E-Trailer ( is a young and innovative start-up that was founded three years ago. The team within E-Trailer is a big fan of innovation and new technologies. We are a young and dynamic team with a work hard, play harder mentality.

E-Trailer creates products for recreational vehicles (caravans, campers) and trailers. Our products have the main focus on safety and comfort. With the aid of E-Trailer you are always up to date of the status of your leisure vehicle. Our products are modular and can be extended with several sensors.

Wat are you going to do?

Together with a server architect you will be responsible for the full (re-)design of the data storage, protocols, servers / VPS and overall handling of data that is send by our products over 4G (CAT-M). After the setup of the new server infrastructure you will be responsible for the analysis, maintenance and programming of the entire infrastructure. You will write the server-side web application logic in NodeJS and/or Javascript. After and during the set-up of the back-end, several dashboards will have to be created. These are used by admins, but in the future also thousands of users worldwide will use these from day 1. Scalability and modular design are key in these systems.

Your skills

Your job will focus on preparing a new server infrastructure for large quantities of data. You will work with (amongst others) the following technologies:

  • NodeJS
  • SQL / Queries / no-SQL
  • Back-end web development
  • APIs
  • Cloud systems


  • PHP
  • Python

Why work at E-Trailer?

  • Coolest office in The Netherlands: check our office here!
  • Flexible: As a young, dynamic but fast growing company we like to think that we are very flexible; this means that everything is possible, just ask!
  • Salary: Good results will grow your salary, next to this we will pay for your travel expenses. In short you will receive a good salary with which you can do loads of fun stuff!
  • TGIF drinks: Each week all companies within the building (YES!Delft) have a drink together (especially the Christmas party is legendary!)
  • Independence: You will have the freedom to act according to your own best insights. This means for example no detailed hour sheets and a ‘start late, work’ late structure.
  • Team activities: Each month we have dinner with the entire team followed by a fun sporty activity!
  • When: We are looking for you just after the summer holidays (Starting between beginning of August and the end of September).

How to apply for this opportunity?

Send your resume and a short motivational letter to the following mailing address: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call: +31 (0) 683 52 64 68.

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