Tailor-made digital solutions for motorhome and caravan manufacturers

The world around us is digitising in a rapid pace and customers have high expectations of digital products. As a motorhome and/or caravan manufacturer, it can be hard to find the right digital solutions. Cars are already made smart by using a wide range of digital products, like sensors and apps. Why not make motorhomes and caravans smarter? E-Trailer believes that the 21st century customer wants a safe, relaxed and sustainable holiday. That is why E-Trailer develops smart connected car solutions for both motorhomes and caravans. Curious what E-Trailer can do for your brand? Read all about it here!

Digital innovation for motorhomes and caravans

E-Trailer is an established brand in the industry with our own-developed sensors and hardware connected to the E-Trailer app. We can help you with all that you need to succeed in the digital age as a motorhome and/or caravan manufacturer. This requires expertise that manufacturers often do not have in-house. E-Trailer has this expertise (software and hardware) to help designing and producing connected car solutions which are fit for your company. We have experience with several caravan and motorhome manufactures to integrate our products into their vehicles.

E-Trailer has partnerships with

How can we help you to digitise your motorhome/caravan brand

We connect everything. Digitalisation requires a full-service solution. From a hub to an app and from software protocols to smart sensors, we are dedicated to deliver all that your customers need. Offering your customers digital solutions is not a choice, it is your opportunity to fit your customers needs. As we develop our own products, we can easily make adjustments to optimise the products into what you need.

connect everything

We can connect every device to our hardware and app, from heating systems to lighting, from sensors to apps. Basically we connect everything to your needs!

Integrate everything

Every (smart) device can be connected to our hub, the E-Connect. The E-Connect can connect via Bluetooth (4.2 and 5.0), NB-IoT, CAT-M, 2G, CAN-Bus, CI-Bus (LIN-Bus), Digital and Analog.

Measure everything

We have developed several specialized sensors for caravans and motorhomes. For example, tyre pressure, gas level, water level, nose weight and more. We can develop the perfect sensor for you!

Proven products

Our products have been used in the recreational vehicle industry for 6 years. Partners trust us because of our proven products, dedicated team and tailored approach.

App with your branding

E-Trailer makes use of in-house app development. This means that we can develop a tailor-made app for your caravan or motorhome brand.

Best engineering service

Our team of engineers develops everything that meets your needs. From brainstorming to the finishing touch. Our engineers can develop hardware, (embedded) software and apps.

Renowned in Europe with established products

In-house development

E-Trailer is located at the campus of the highly regarded Technical University Delft in the Netherlands. All the products are developed in our own production facility by our highly skilled engineers, who are working on optimising connected car solutions for you. We are always full of ideas and we are eager to work on solutions together with you.

Proven products

E-Trailer has proven itself as a reliable supplier by supplying its products to more than 5 motorhome and caravan brands.

Certified products

E-Trailer products are produced using the ISO 9001 quality system. All product are certified:

  • CE
  • EMC / e4 (E-Mark)
  • KTW / W270 (Fresh water certification)
  • WEEE / Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act)
  • KC

3 ways in which we help you with digitalisation

We integrate our system into your motorhomes/caravans. In this way we integrate your existing products into one system. These products are ready to use, in this way your motorhome/caravan brand can be made smart in a fast way.

We connect our hardware and software to your existing electronics in the vehicles. These products can communicate via Bluetooth (4.2 and 5.0), CAN-Bus, CI-Bus (LIN-Bus) and more… Together we define the best set up for your situation.

Do you only need a specific sensor from our portfolio or only our hardware or app? Let us know what you need, so we can find out how to integrate our products in your vehicles!

Interested in our solutions?

We are present at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, you will find us in Hall 13 booth E86

My name is Boy Trip (CEO of E-Trailer). I can give you more advise on connected motorhomes and caravans and know all the ins-and-outs of digitalisation in the industry. Do you require a demo, a free advice on connected motorhomes or caravans? Give me a call or send me an email.

+31 (0)6 42 65 65 47


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