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It all started with two engineers and one genius idea

In 2017 we, Rick Lenssen and Boy Trip, came together to discuss an idea that has since developed into the success story: E-trailer. Rick studied aerospace engineering at Delft University of Technology. He has stopped his studies for two years to participate in the solar car team of the TU Delft (Nuon Solar Team). With this car he and his team became world champion twice, in Australia and South Africa. Boy studied technical administration at TU Delft because he was very interested in the interface between technology and the market. Here Boy learned a lot about entrepreneurship and discovered that this was the possibility to combine technology and commerce.

E-trailer is based on the winning NUON Solar challenge design, but is applied differently.

We decided together to see which techniques from the Nuon Solar car could be applied commercially. We both thought it was strange that until then little technology from the world-conquering design had been used. We soon discovered that especially the camping market is far behind when it comes to technological innovations. We live in a time when almost everything can be measured, but hardly any smart sensors are used in caravans and motorhomes. How is that possible when you consider that there are 4,000,000 caravans in Europe alone?

Our mission: to make the camping trip safer and more carefree

Safe, relaxed and carefree when traveling with your caravan or camper. We have set up E-Trailer for this purpose and this is still the driving force behind our team. With this in mind, we also make all our designs. Moreover, we do not shy away from technological challenges and strive to continue to innovate. Yes, that is difficult, but we get a lot of energy from the idea that our customers can optimally enjoy their journey. Because that’s what it’s about! You go on vacation to relax? We are happy to take your worries away!

E-Trailer is the strategic partner of many famous brands

We are proud that we work together with large and well-known dealers and wholesalers. This way we can reach even more campers and ensure that they can go on a camping trip more safely and carefree.

Heart, passion and Dutch perfection

E-Trailer was born from a love for new technology. Our goal is to use innovative and proven technologies in a creative way and to make the world a little better. The Netherlands has traditionally been the center of technological innovation and TU Delft, where we both studied, is a famous name. That is why we are proud that we are Dutch and have the opportunity to work closely with this progressive university. Because we are passionate about creating optimal technological solutions, we feel we have the best job in the world.


In 2017, Rick Lenssen and Boy Trip came together to discuss an idea that has since developed into the success story: E-Trailer.

The team

We are working day in day out to develop products that allow campers to go on holiday safer and more comfortably. Meet the team!


We will do everything we can to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Please never hesitate to contact us!

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