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It is possible to log in to multiple devices with your account. However, it is not possible to use multiple devices at the same time. Only 1 device can be connected to the E-Connect at a time.
The SMART-Trailer system works through Bluetooth.
An internet connection is only needed when you install the SMART-Trailer App, because you will need to register and login.
You can easily install the E-Connect.

Step 1: Read the manual carefully.
Step 2: Place the E-Connect at the indicated location and use the supplied screws to secure it.
Step 3: Connect the E-Connect to the battery (12V)
Step 4: Install the App and sign up.
Step 5: Scan the supplied QR-code and follow the steps in the App.

For more information, please take a look at our installationvideo. (currently only in Dutch)
You put the central receiver in your caravan or motorhome.
After this, you can decide which module you want or do not want. You can easily adapt the ‘system’ to your own needs.
Easily add the module in our App. As soon as the new module had been added, you will see the corresponding data directly on your smartphone or tablet.
Once you have installed the ‘system’ to your own needs, you can enjoy your safe and comfortable journey.

Still have questions? Please watch this video, or send us an e-mail: info@e-trailer.nl

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You’re able to properly close an app by double tapping the Home button. You can close off the app by swiping it up.

Need a visual explanation? Click here

The average customer finds the system easy to install. For those who prefer not to do this themselves, it is possible – for a fee – to have this done at your camping shop.


We take into account both the holders of caravans and motorhomes.
At this moment, the E-Load (ball pressure gauge) is the only module that is not suitable for a motorhome.
It’s possible that the connection isn’t functioning as it should.
Are you a caravan owner: check if you attached the E-Connect as high as possible in the front part of your caravan.
Are you a motorhome owner: check if you placed the E-Connect as high as possible and in the center of the motorhome.

Click here to watch our E-Connect installation video. (currently only available in Dutch)
You can download the App on your smartphone or tablet. You will find the App in the Appstore, Google Play Store or on our website.

You’re able to properly close an app by clicking on the left button at the bottom of your phone. Then you can click on the ‘X’ to close the app.

Need a visual explanation? Click here

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Modules (12)

Within the settings at the E-Level module it is possible to reverse the direction of the animation. Change this setting and then it should be good.
Yes, it does. We have developed a nose wheel with sensors inside. The sensors measure the current ball pressure.
That is correct. The App will synchronize after 10 minutes. After that first sync, the app will provide you with real time data.
Yes, that’s correct. One is for the left tire and one for the right tire.
You can use the E-Pressure on 2,4 or 6 tires.

Sometimes the rubber inside our E-Pressure valve caps sticks into valve of the current tire. That is no problem. Please be aware that when you buy new tires that you make sure that the rubber from the E-Pressure isn’t still on the old tires. If that’s the case when you  put the E-pressure valve caps on the new tires, then the air will leak out due to the absence of the rubber.

The maximum tire pressure that you can use in the SMART-Trailer App is 9.0 bar (130.5 PSI).
  • Open the door/window and then close the door/window.
  • Wait for ten minutes and check if the E-Switch is working properly now.
  • Still the same issue? Perhaps the battery is empty, replace it by a new one. Follow the steps below.
The E-Switch contains two sensors, but you can expand the E-Switch up to 250 sensors.

To check if the E-Temperature is on/off, check the light on the back. When it’s green the module is turned on. To change this, press the button on the back for 3 seconds. After the light turns red the module is turned off.

The E-Temperature operates between -20 and + 60 degrees Celsius. (From -4 up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.)
The E-Waterlevel is suitable for 99% of the water tanks. The pins are easy to shorten, making them suitable for most water tanks.

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