You only need a smartphone with Bluetooth to make your next trip safer and more relaxing.

In the app you can see the current status of your caravan or motorhome at a glance and you will automatically receive a notification when something is wrong. For example, you will know immediately if your tire pressure becomes too low or the water tank is almost empty.

After just four simple steps you can start the next camping trip with a good feeling

Step 1
Purchase the main module (E-Connect) once and choose the modules that you find useful.

  • The E-Connect is the basis for the E-Trailer system. It receives the information from the sensors via Bluetooth and sends it constantly to the app on your smartphone. The system will not work without the E-Connect.
  • You choose the modules that you want.
  • You can purchase each module separately or optiotonal as a discount package where you receive multiple selected modules.
  • You can buy our products from a dealer near you.
  • You always benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Step 2
Install the E-Connect and modules quickly and easily or have them installed by your dealer

  • Follow our manuals or watch the instruction video explaining the installation process step-by-step.
  • Thanks to the supplied mounting material you can easily attach the E-Connect and the modules to the desired location.
  • Download the E-Trailer app. You can find it in the Google Play store (Android) or the App store (iOS).
  • You will receive a personal QR code with which you can easily activate the sensors.
  • Because the code is personal, you do not have to worry about theft. The sensors only work with your phone and the corresponding app.

Step 4
Go on a carefree journey

  • The E-Trailer app checks the status of your caravan or motorhome every 1.2 seconds, so that you are constantly informed and can enjoy your holiday relaxed.
  • Is something wrong with one of the parts of your caravan or motorhome? Then you will always receive a notification immediately!
  • Thanks to the free updates in the app, the modules always have the latest version.

Reviews from our customers

"Installed and tested this weekend. I am very satisfied!"

Manus Hop

"After an installation problem, the E-Level functions properly, including the connection to the main unit."

Jaap Lub

"Used for the first time in this vacation. I am very satisfied with it!"

Rene Nollen

Feel free to ask for more information at one of our affiliated dealers.

Our mission is to make all camping trips carefree and safer. Therefore we always guarantee you a 100% satisfaction.

Hardworking team

Safe, relaxed and carefree when traveling with your caravan or camper. We have established E-Trailer for this purpose.

Easy installation

Installation is quick and easy thanks to good manuals and instruction videos.


The modules are one-time purchases. As soon as you have this, you will always travel without worries.


COVID-19 maatregelen

  1. Als u klachten heeft of contact heeft gehad met iemand die COVID-19 heeft verzoeken wij u dringend u af te melden en niet te komen.
  2. Bij binnenkomst vragen wij u de gezondheidscheck in te vullen.
  3. Wij zorgen ervoor dat er niet meer dan 6 mensen tegelijkertijd in een ruimte aanwezig zijn zodat de 1,5 meter afstand gewaarborgd blijft.
  4. Na elk bezoek maken wij al ons promotie materiaal weer schoon, zo zorgen wij ervoor dat alles virusvrij blijft.
  5. U kunt altijd een mondkapje dragen en wij zullen dit ook doen als u dit graag wilt.
  6. Wij geven geen handen.
  7. Wij houden te allen tijde 1,5 meter afstand.