Ideal in case of theft, E-Track&Trace

E-Track&Trace from E-Trailer is specifically designed for motorhomes and caravans and therefore the ideal GPS tracker for campers. E-Track&Trace is included in the Starter Package Plus.

This package contains everything you need:

  • Built-in battery
  • E-sim* for GPS connection via Internet
  • Range across Europe and large parts of Africa (coverage area)
  • Constant signal output during vehicle movement
  • Alarm function at set safety zone
  • Special memory mode (storage mode) so you have insight into the location of your caravan or motorhome all winter (available from January 2024).
Het E-Trailer systeem start met de keuze van een Starterspakket. Er zijn twee mogelijkheden: het Starterspakket Plus en het Starterspakket Basis. Het Starterspakket Plus werkt zowel met een Bluetooth- als met een internetverbinding. Met het Starterspakket Basis kunt u alleen via bluetooth verbinden. Bij het Starterspakket Plus kunt u gebruikmaken van E-Track&Trace (zie achterzijde voor meer informatie). Het Pluspakket biedt bovendien de mogelijkheid om zowel bestaande als toekomstige E-Trailer modules te koppelen aan uw Starterspakket.

*E-sim is a digital SIM card. The e in e-sim stands for embedded. This means a small chip is built into the Starter Package Plus.

Don't make it too easy for thieves

Theft of caravans and motorhomes is unfortunately a common problem (read blog). Thieves are smart enough to disconnect the battery immediately, and often recovering your camping equipment then becomes a tricky business. With E-Track&Trace, you always know where your vehicle is, so you can take immediate action if it is stolen.

Storing your motor home or caravan with peace of mind

Set a geofence

Set the area within which your camping device should be located.

Get a warning signal

If your camping equipment leaves the set safety zone (geofence)? You will receive an instant alert!

Turn off the area and leave the safety zone

Before you leave, turn off the geofence and go on holiday with peace of mind. Once arrived, you can again set an area where your camping equipment should not go outside.

E-Track&Trace van E-Trailer is speciaal ontwikkeld voor campers en caravans en daarom de ideale GPS-tracker voor kampeerders. E-Track&Trace is onderdeel van het Starterspakket Plus.
Starter Package Plus
Connection via Bluetooth
Connection via Internet*
Modules remotely readable (from 2024)
Suitable for all current and future sensors

* Internet connection requires a subscription

E-Track&Trace is supplied as part of the Starter Package Plus

Inbegrepen in het Starterspakket Plus zijn de modules E-Volt en E-Level (verbinding via Bluetooth).E-Track&Trace is eveneens onderdeel van het Starterspakket Plus. This module connects via the internet. Internet connection requires a subscription

Internet connection requires a subscription

An internet connection is required to view your camping equipment from anywhere. The connection works via the built-in SIM card. The Plus subscription is easily arranged via the E-Trailer app. With an internet subscription, all modules you link to your Starter Pack Plus are remotely readable (from 2024). E-Trailer is constantly developing new modules, including in the field of security, such as a motion sensor. With a Starter Package Plus, you can easily add these future modules.

New: Starter Package Plus With internet connection and GPS tracker The E-Trailer system consists of a Starter Pack, various modules and the free E-Trailer app (download the demo app in advance).). The E-Trailer system can easily be retrofitted in any motorhome or caravan, or you can choose the E-Trailer system from the option list when you order your new motorhome or caravan. E-Track&Trace(GPS tracker) comes as part of the Starter Pack Plus.

Included in the Starter Package Plus:

E-Level and E-Volt (not sold separately)


Levelling the motor home or caravan becomes easy

The E-Level module is an electronic levelling sensor that is built into both starter packages. It enables you to see live and precise information on your smartphone, indicating whether the caravan or motorhome is parked level, even while driving onto the campsite. When using wedges and operating the crank supports, you can monitor in real-time on your smartphone when the motorhome or caravan is parked level. In the E-Trailer app, you can see the exact number of centimetres you need to raise each wheel to achieve a level position. This feature makes levelling your vehicle much easier.


Always sufficient power

With the E-Volt module, you can see at a glance on your smartphone how much voltage the caravan mover battery or the camper’s on-board battery is currently supplying. If the voltage becomes too low, you will receive a warning through the E-Trailer app, enabling you to take measures before running out of power during your camping holiday. The E-Volt module can be adapted to any type of battery: lead-acid, AGM, or lithium battery. The values are given with precise accuracy (in percentage) rather than incrementally. The values are given with precise accuracy (in percentage) rather than incrementally. This feature makes levelling your vehicle much easier.

COVID-19 maatregelen

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