Wat moet u weten als u op zoek gaat naar een GPS-tracker voor uw camper of caravan Als kampeerder is er niets vervelender dan het verliezen van u kampeervoertuig. Of het nu gaat om een caravan of een camper, het is niet alleen kostbaar, maar het kan ook een grote impact hebben op u vakantieplannen. Gelukkig zijn er tegenwoordig GPS-trackers beschikbaar die u kunnen helpen om gestolen kampeervoertuigen terug te vinden. In deze blog zullen we uitleggen waar u op moet letten als u kiest voor een GPS-tracker voor uw camper of caravan.
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Lynette de Vries

3 april, 2023

What do you need to know when looking for a GPS tracker for your motorhome or caravan?

As a camper, there is nothing more annoying than losing your camping vehicle. Whether it is a caravan or a motorhome, it is not only a big loss, but it can also have a big impact on your holiday plans. Fortunately, GPS trackers are available these days that can help you recover stolen camping vehicles. In this blog, we will explain what to look out for when choosing a GPS tracker for your motorhome or caravan.

All about GPS trackers

1. Why is a GPS tracker for a motorhome or caravan recommended?

Recovery in case of theft

A GPS tracker can help recover a stolen camping vehicle. Statistics and trends on caravan and motorhome theft can be read here. When you install a GPS tracker in you camping vehicle, you can track the vehicle anytime, anywhere. If your camping vehicle is stolen, you can use the GPS tracker to find out the vehicle’s location and call the police. This increases the chances of recovering the stolen camping vehicle and can make a big difference in picking up your holiday again.

Preventing theft.

Another advantage of a GPS tracker is that it can help prevent theft. A GPS tracker with an alarm function is activated when the vehicle is moved without permission. This means you are instantly alerted when someone tries to steal your camping vehicle, and you can take quick action to prevent the theft.

2. Voorkomen van diefstal. Een ander voordeel van een GPS-tracker is dat het kan helpen bij het voorkomen van diefstal. Een GPS-tracker met een alarmfunctie wordt geactiveerd wanneer het voertuig wordt verplaatst zonder toestemming. Dit betekent dat u direct gewaarschuwd wordt wanneer iemand probeert uw kampeervoertuig te stelen, en u snel actie kunt ondernemen om de diefstal te voorkomen.

General safety at the campsite

GPS trackers are not only useful for recovering stolen camping vehicles, but they can also contribute to overall campsite security. For example, GPS trackers can be used to locate you camping vehicle in case of emergency. This can be of great importance if, for example, you are camping in a remote area and need help.

2. How does a GPS tracker work?

A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker works by using the GPS satellite tracker to determine the location of an object or person and send this location data to a central server. The base station contains a GPS receiver, a mobile data module and a small processor.

Een GPS-tracker (Global Positioning System) werkt door gebruik te maken van het GPS-satelliettracker om de locatie van een object of persoon te bepalen en deze locatiegegevens naar een centrale server te sturen. Het apparaat bevat een GPS-ontvanger, een mobiele datamodule en een kleine processor.

When the tracker is switched on, it receives signals from GPS satellites in space. These signals contain information about the location of the satellite and the time the signal was transmitted. By combining information from multiple satellites, the GPS tracker can calculate the exact location of the base station.

The location data is then sent to the central server via the mobile data module. On the server, the data is processed and analysed to display the tracker’s location on a map. The user can then track the tracker’s location via an app or web interface.

3. Why is it useful to choose a GPS tracker with alarm function?

Some GPS trackers also have additional features, such as setting up safety zones (geofencing zones). A security zone is a kind of virtual fence, which the user uses to demarcate a location, such as a camping site. As soon as the camping vehicle goes outside the safety zone, the user receives an instant alert on his or her smartphone and action can be taken, increasing the chance of being caught.

4. Connection via LoRa, internet or Bluetooth?

Any GPS tracker should be able to establish a wireless connection. This is done via LoRa or internet. But there are also products that use Bluetooth. One example is the Airtag (iOS). The Airtag connects via Bluetooth to phones of casual passers-by (<10m) and then uses the GPS and internet of the casual passer-by’s phone to transmit the location of the Airtag. So this does not work in areas with few people like a campsite even if it is within a built-up area. The Airtag (iOS) can only communicate with iPhones, so if there is an accidental passer-by with an Android phone then no location will be transmitted. There are also similar systems for Android phones, which then unfortunately do not work with iOS phones. As the range is insufficient, trackers without built-in GPS are therefore not suitable for motorhomes or caravans.

LoRa is a Long Range, Low Power internet connection specifically designed for smart products. The disadvantage of a GPS tracker using LoRa is that it only works stationary. This is therefore less suitable for tracking a stolen motorhome or caravan that is in motion. Furthermore, LoRa can only send very little data (<125 B/s). This means that a stolen camping vehicle could be miles away by the time one arrives at the last traced location. If there are no LoRa gateways (receivers) nearby, the network fails! The map below gives an overview data of the channels.

LoRa is een Long Range, Low Power internetverbinding speciaal ontwikkeld voor slimme producten. Nadeel van een GPS-tracker die gebruik maakt van LoRa is dat dit alleen stilstaand werkt. Dit is daarom minder geschikt om een gestolen kamper of caravan die in beweging is te traceren. Verder kan LoRa maar heel weinig data versturen (

An internet-connected GPS tracker uses satellites and therefore no transmitter masts or phones of casual passers-by. Therefore, an Internet-connected GPS tracker is most suitable for motorhomes and caravans. You can read how exactly this works in the next section.

5. Coverage throughout Europe is convenient

A GPS tracker with a SIM card connects to an owner’s smartphone via the internet. Two features are important here: the coverage (e.g. Europe or also worldwide) and the frequency with which location information is provided.

That frequency can range from once a day to constantly. A regular signal is important so that it can be seen exactly which route a vehicle is following and where exactly it is at any given time. If the vehicle has been driven into a shed (with a lot of steel), the signal can no longer be received. In that case, the route is needed to trace the camping vehicle.

Even if a thief drives across a border, it should still be traceable, especially in Europe and North Africa. Often, a GPS tracker can come with different subscriptions where the coverage and signal frequency can be chosen as desired.

It is therefore important to choose the right subscription, as a GPS tracker with SIM card whose signal is erratic or whose coverage is limited is inadequate for caravans and motorhomes. GPS trackers with adequate coverage and frequency of data delivery are more expensive, but worth the investment

6. Choose a GPS tracker with rechargeable battery!

There are GPS systems with a built-in battery. The more often such a GPS tracker outputs location information, the faster the battery drains. With daily dispensing, a battery can last for four years. With constant dispensing, however, the battery runs out after six months. With a recharge battery, the GPS tracker continues to work even if the camper’s power is turned off.

Thieves will look for and disable a GPS tracker as soon as possible if it is stolen. Often, there is only time to do this when they are outside the camping area and it takes them a while to find a quiet place to destroy the tracker. For the user, quick action is therefore important. After all, that increases the chances of being caught. E-Trailer’s GPS tracker has a built-in rechargeable battery. Even if the GPS tracker is disconnected from the battery, the vehicle can still be tracked for a week afterwards.

E-Trailer’s GPS tracker is part of the Starter Pack Plus with built-in rechargeable battery that connects to the battery and therefore cannot run down.

7. Wheel lock or GPS tracker?

A wheel lock can provide a physical barrier against theft. However, if a thief is determined to remove the wheel lock, he or she can use a number of methods, including:

  1. Drilling: A thief may try to drill out the wheel lock with a drill to remove the bolts or pins that hold the lock in place.
  2. Grinding: A thief can also use an angle grinder to grind through the wheel lock to loosen the bolts or pins.
  3. Cracking: Another method sometimes chosen is to use a substance that can expand and contract in response to temperature changes, such as liquid nitrogen, to freeze the wheel lock and crack the material.

In general, a combination of both options (wheel lock and GPS tracker) can be an effective security strategy for your motorhome or caravan. A GPS tracker can help you track and recover stolen property, while a wheel lock can provide physical protection against theft.

Een wielslot kan een fysieke barrière bieden tegen diefstal. Als een dief echter vastbesloten is om het wiel slot te verwijderen, kan hij/zij een aantal methoden gebruiken, waaronder: 1. Boren: Een dief kan proberen het wiel slot uit te boren met een boormachine om de bouten of pennen te verwijderen die het slot op zijn plaats houden. 2. Slijpen: Een dief kan ook een haakse slijper gebruiken om door het wiel slot heen te slijpen om de bouten of pennen los te maken. 3. Barsten: Een andere methode die soms wordt gebruikt, is om een materiaal te gebruiken dat kan uitzetten en krimpen als gevolg van temperatuurveranderingen, zoals vloeibare stikstof, om het wiel slot te bevriezen en het materiaal te laten barsten Over het algemeen kan een combinatie van beide opties een effectieve beveiligingsstrategie zijn voor uw camper of caravan. Een GPS-tracker kan u helpen om gestolen eigendommen op te sporen en terug te vinden, terwijl een wielslot fysieke bescherming kan bieden tegen diefstal.

The GPS tracker can be mounted in many different places in an RV or caravan. As a result, thieves will take longer to find the tracker among the electronics on board. Besides, burglars obviously do not know at all that there is a GPS tracker on board! This makes the chances of being caught all the greater, so police often only act when a stolen vehicle with GPS tracker is reported.

8. How can you go on a worry-free holiday?

E-Track&Trace from E-Trailer is specially designed for motorhomes or caravans and therefore the ideal GPS tracker for campers. E-Track&Trace is part of the Starter Package Plus.

This package contains everything you need:

  • Built-in battery
  • E-sim* for GPS connection via Internet
  • Coverage throughout Europa en Noord-Afrika (see coverage area)
  • Constant signal output during vehicle movement
  • Alarm function at set safety zone

The Starter Package Plus also has other built-in sensors, shows battery voltage (E-Volt) as standard and helps you level your camping equipment (E-Level). An additional advantage is that you can add more useful modules to each Starter Package as you wish. Consider, for example, a module that displays tyre pressure, ball bearing pressure and the contents of gas bottles and water tanks. The E-Trailer app shows everything clearly on your smartphone.

*E-sim is a digital SIM card. The e in e-sim stands for embedded. This means a small chip is built into your Starter Package Plus.

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