Safe on the road
With E-Switch you have the certainty that all windows, roof hatch(s) etc. are properly closed

Carefree on holiday
No more stress about whether everything is closed properly, the E-Switch will keep an eye on this for you

  • 14 days return policy
  • The E-Trailer app is free
  • E-Connect is required for use

Never drive away with an open window or roof hatch again

An open window or a roof hatch that is still open when you drive off: that will not happen to you with the E-Switch module from E-Trailer. The wireless sensors detect this immediately and you receive a notification on your smartphone within a fraction of a second, so that you can stop before something is damaged.

Try all modules with the demo version of the app!

Easy installation

Simply place the E-Switch in the place of your choice

No internet needed

The entire E-Trailer system works with Bluetooth

Only 16 grams

E-Switch weighs only 16 grams per sensor

Two E-Switch sensors per package

The E-Switch will be delivered with two sensors per package

Add up to 10 sensors in the app

You can add up to 10 E-Switch sensors to your camping equipment

Receive alerts when something is open

Receive a warning when the roof hatch is open when driving away

Receive alerts

An open window or roof hatch while driving will result in a warning via the app

Up to 10 sensors in the app

It is possible to add up to 10 E-Switch sensors to the app

Technical specifications

Voltage: 3V
Colour: White
Maximum sensors to be connected: 10 pieces (packed per 2)
Weight: 16 grams
Battery Type: CR2032
Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 13mm

  • 2 E-Switch sensoren
  • QR-code
  • 4 stickers (3M)
  • Manual
  • Extra batteries

iOS 10.0 and above / Android 6.0 and above
Bluetooth connection
E-Trailer app