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Upgrade to the Starter Package Plus with a cash back trade-in offer.

In the past, you bought an E-Connect or Starter Package from E-Trailer. This webpage tells you how you can upgrade to the Starter Package Plus  via a cash back offer. You will receive as much as € 70 discount! 

This promotion is valid until March 1st, 2024. The trade-in promotion is for everyone, including our long-standing customers. This low-cost upgrade opportunity is a once-off and is meant to streamline service after all the innovations on our products. If you won’t have access to your camper or caravan before March 1st due to storage you can already submit the form to make sure you don’t lose out in this great deal. 

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Until when does the trade-in promotion run?

The cash back trade-in promotion runs until March 1st 2024. After this date, the Starter Package Plus can only be purchased at the then current retail price.

Why is it interesting to upgrade to the Starter Package Plus?

  • With the Starter Package Plus E-Trailer is introducing the first GPS tracker especially designed for campers and caravans, namely E-Track&Trace.
  • E-Track&Trace* is included in the Starter Package Plus.
  • With E-Track&Trace, you have insight into the exact location of your camper or caravan at any time.
  • That gives feeling of safety and complete control.
  • This package contains everything you need in a GPS-tracker:
    – Built-in rechargeable battery
    – SIM card for GPS connection via internet
    – Coverage throughout Europe and Africa (see coverage)
    Constant signal output when the vehicle is moving
    – Alarm function when safety zone is breached 
  • The Starter Package Plus has a Bluetooth chip that is 50% more powerful, faster and has 50% more range than the E-Connect! This means a more stable connection. So, this is also interesting for customers who do not want to use the new internet function.
  • The Starter Package Plus also includes the E-Volt and the E-Level (connection via Bluetooth). 
  • All existing modules (Bluetooth connection) can continue to be used with your Starter Package Plus. 
  • Other security modules currently under development will be added to the Starter Package Plus later. 
  • These modules will not work with the Starter Package Basic if an internet connection is required. Read more about the Starter Package Plus

* E-Track&Trace requires an internet subscription. The internet connection is established by the built-in SIM card. The Plus subscription is available as of € 70 per year, and you can choose between a one, three and five year subscription which is easily arranged in the app.

How does the cash back trade-in offer work?

Step 1: Simply purchase your Starter Package Plus from your local dealer at full price and keep the invoice! 

Step 2: Return your old E-Connect and QR code with a copy of your invoice to us using the address below. Please also include this form so that we know who’s old E-Connect we received: 


Cash-back Promotion
Treubstraat 27
2288 EH Rijswijk

The Netherlands 

Important note about the cable: you will not need to return the cable to us, only the E-Connect itself. Even though a new cable is included when you purchase a Starter Package Plus, you might want to use the old cable connection if this cable is built into your camper or caravan. In this case you can use an adapter cable which you can buy here

Step 3: Once we have received your old E-Connect and QR code with a copy of your invoice we will send you an e-mail confirmation including a form in which we ask for your bank details to process the € 70 cash-back payment. Please note that this amount is gross as bank charges might be relevant at an actual exchange rate.

What steps do you need to take to install the Starter Package Plus?

  • Download the latest version of the E-Trailer app from the Play Store or App Store.

  • Open the app and click on the + at the bottom right.

  • Scan the QR code of the Starter Package Plus.

  • Your old E-Connect is now disconnected from your account.

  • Follow the steps in the app to set up the new Starter Package Plus.

  • One of the steps is to sign up for the internet subscription.

  • After installing your new Starter Package Plus, it is necessary to recalibrate all existing modules.

Tip: Also check all module batteries right away to make sure everything works properly. Suitable batteries are available in our webshop. Batteries are not included in this promotion.

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