Two new Chausson and Challenger models and one Sterckeman model are fitted with E-Trailer’s Starter Package Plus, E-Gaslevel, and E-Waterlevel as standard features.

Trigano VDL Announces Collaboration with E-Trailer

Rijswijk/Stuttgart, January 11, 2024 – At the international exhibition for caravanning, motor, and tourism, CMT 2024 in Stuttgart, Trigano VDL will be presenting two new motorhome models from each of its brands Challenger, Chausson and a Sterckeman Caravan, in which the E-Trailer system is already installed as standard. The new Challenger C 194 and C 387 and Chausson C 514 and C 727 motorhomes and the Sterckeman 366PE caravan will feature the E-Trailer Starter Package Plus with digital leveling (E-Level), battery voltage display (E-Volt) and GPS tracking (E-Track&Trace). The motorhomes will also include two additional sensors namely for gas cylinder content monitoring (E-Gaslevel) and water supply monitoring (E-Waterlevel). Owners of Trigano VDL vehicles can conveniently access all this information via the E-Trailer app on their smartphones. Trigano VDL is pioneering this innovative ‘Plus’ function from E-Trailer, which seamlessly integrates Bluetooth and internet connectivit.

For customers seeking to expand the capabilities of their E-Trailer system, additional sensor modules. This includes E-Pressure for tire pressure monitoring while driving, E-Temperature for temperature and humidity measurement, and E-Switch to detect open doors and hatches during travel, will be available for purchase through Trigano VDL specialist dealers in the future. E-Trailer plans to continue expanding its selection of sensors for local and remote monitoring via smartphones in the coming years.

Romain Girard, Product and Marketing Manager at Trigano VDL, explains, “Smart caravanning is currently one of the megatrends in caravan vehicle construction. With E-Trailer, Trigano VDL has made a strategic choice to work with a manufacturer whose system can be modularly expanded by customers in collaboration with local specialist dealers. This ensures that the Smart Caravanning solution can evolve and be customized by customers. By offering additional sensor modules through Trigano VDL dealers, we are also strengthening the position of our Trigano VDL dealerships across Europe. “

“We are delighted and proud to have gained the trust of Trigano VDL, one of the Europe’s largest leisure vehicle producer, in our E-Trailer system,” says Boy Trip, co-founder and CEO of E-Trailer B.V. “This collaboration represents a pivotal step in the market launch of our new Starter Package Plus and the growth of our company.”

About Trigano VDL :

Located among the vineyards of the Rhône Valley in the Ardèche department of France, TRIGANO VDL designs caravans and motorhomes sold under the Caravelair, Sterckeman, Challenger and Chausson brands. Turning out more than 13 000 vehicles each year, TRIGANO VDL is the largest production unit in Europe. TRIGANO VDL participates in the Ardèche branch of VILESTA,a group of industrial and tourism vehicle manufacturers that was recently created through an initiative of the industry’s general assembly. TRIGANO VDL is a subsidiary of the TRIGANO Group.

About E-Trailer B.V.:

E-Trailer B.V. is a rapidly growing company based in Rijswijk, Netherlands. After founding the company, the two founders, Rick Lenssen and Boy Trip, developed the E-Trailer Smart Caravanning solution, which they launched in 2017. The aim of this solution is to enhance the safety and convenience of caravanning. With the support of a financial investor, they began their venture in the Netherlands, where specialist caravanning dealers now offer their system nationwide. Since 2019, the E-Trailer team, now consisting of 17 employees, has expanded its operations to other major caravanning markets in Europe, including France.


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