E-Load by E-Trailer is a Dutch product that is unique due to the advanced technology in the nose wheel. In combination with the E-Trailer app, this smart technology provides an accurate electronic measurement of the drawbar load of your caravan or trailer.

The drawbar load is the weight with which the caravan’s drawbar presses on the ball head of the trailer hitch, expressed in kilograms. The correct drawbar load is crucial for travelling safely with the caravan, as a drawbar load that is too high or too low can cause the caravan to lurch.

There are various ways and places to measure the drawbar load:

  • The drawbar load can be measured in the nose wheel. The disadvantage of measuring in the nose wheel is that you measure in the wrong place and thus become inaccurate. The advantage is that it is easy to measure because the nose wheel is always attached to the caravan.
  • The drawbar load can also be measured at the drawbar. The advantage of measuring at the drawbar is that it is more accurate. The disadvantage is that these additional procedures are associated with inconvenience.
  • The measurement of the drawbar load can also be done with a scale (or drawbar scale). The advantage of this is that the measurement is taken at the correct point. However, this is rather cumbersome and tedious.

E-Load combines the best of these three measurement methods. In the E-Trailer app, you enter the distance from the drawbar to the electronic nose wheel and from the caravan axle to the nose wheel during the initial installation. Using this data, the app calculates the actual drawbar load on the trailer coupling. For additional safety, you can also specify the position of the nose wheel in the app. This also influences the measurement. In this way, you can easily calculate the drawbar load with an accuracy of +/- 2 kg on your smartphone. The E-Load is easy to use and is always attached to the caravan ready for use. The app tells you whether you need to shift the weight in the caravan to the front or to the rear in order to set the drawbar load accurately.

E-Load is also distinguished by the following features:

  • E-Load is a nose wheel and drawbar load scale in one.
  • E-Load communicates wirelessly with the E-Trailer system and your smartphone.
  • E-Load is compatible with all types of caravans and is easy to install yourself.
  • The E-Trailer app informs you when the weight of the caravan needs to be shifted forwards or backwards to accurately adjust the drawbar load.
  • The latest E-Load model uses optimised natural rubber that works reliably even in difficult conditions.
  • E-Load is part of a complete safety system for your caravan.

All you have to do is replace the old nose wheel with E-Load and enter a few distances into the app.


  • E-Load nose wheel with built-in drawbar load scale
  • QR code card
  • Instruction manual

Please note. A Starter Package Basic or -Plus is required to use this product.






6,5 kilogram

Baterry type

CR 2450

Battery life

2 years

Maximum load

150 kilogram


3 Volt


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