E-Trailer products are now CI-BUS compatible

Improved integration with manufacturer’s systems for installation directly from the factory

Rijswijk, 4 August 2022 – E-Trailer has now adapted its Smart Caravaning solutions for the CI-BUS standard. The sensors and the app for networking caravans and motorhomes can now be integrated more easily into existing systems that also use the CI-BUS standard. E-Trailer expects this to lead to increased cooperation with caravan and motorhome manufacturers. The installation of the E-Trailer system in new caravans and motorhomes is easier than ever and works in interaction with existing on-board management systems.

In 2011, under the leadership of the Caravaning Industrie Verband, CIVD, the caravanning industry designed the CI-BUS, a common standard that stands for future-oriented technology and flexible on-board management solutions and is continuously being further developed. The open standard enables caravan and motorhome manufacturers to use the entire E-Trailer system or just parts of it. As long as all the elements used use the CI-BUS standard, the E-Trailer app can also control third-party elements. Conversely, a third-party app can also control the E-Trailer modules. E-Trailer can now work with vehicle manufacturers to develop customised solutions for controlling and querying lighting, battery charging or fill level indicators, as well as CI-BUS compatible components such as air conditioning or heating.

“Compatibility with the CI-BUS standard is a strategically important step for us in the orientation of our business model,” emphasises Boy Trip, Managing Director and founder of E-Trailer B.V. “Our retrofit solutions for used vehicles, which are offered via the shops of the specialist caravanning trade, are already very successful. Thanks to the CI-BUS standard, we can now increasingly work with vehicle manufacturers on customised solutions for their new vehicles. We are already working on the first projects.”

About E-Trailer B.V.
E-Trailer B.V. is a fast-growing company based in Rijswijk in the Netherlands. After founding the company in 2016, the two founders Rick Lenssen and Boy Trip developed the E-Trailer solution, which they launched in 2017. Their goal is to make caravanning safer and more comfortable. The E-Trailer solution consists of three elements: The starter package, the sensors and the E-Trailer app on the smartphone. The retrofit solutions for used vehicles are already very successful in several European markets, including Germany. Since summer 2021, E-Trailer has been a member of the Caravaning Industrie Verband, CIVD and has adapted its products to the CI-BUS standard. This enables manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes to integrate the E-Trailer solution into their on-board management systems. Since then, E-Trailer has been able to develop customised solutions with vehicle manufacturers for controlling and querying lighting, battery charging or fill level indicators, as well as CI-BUS compatible components such as air conditioning or heating.


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