How nice would it be if your fridge always has the right temperature?

With E-Temperature you can measure the temperature and humidity in or outside your caravan or motorhome on your smartphone. Because the E-Temperature module is wireless, you can place it wherever you want and you can always ensure the right temperature!

Always up to date with the current temperature and humidity in your camping equipment or refrigerator with E-Temperature

Lukewarm cola makes no one happy! Nothing is as good as a refreshing drink when you are at the campsite in the sun. But what if the refrigerator temperature is too high? With the E-Temperature you no longer need to go to the refrigerator to check this. You will immediately see the current temperature and humidity on your smartphone. Ideal! This way you ensure that food that needs to be kept cool does not get too hot. You can therefore store vegetables, fruit and meat for much longer. Allow yourself a carefree holiday and go for the E-Temperature!

Place the E-Temperature where you want and you will receive a message if the temperature or humidity changes

  • The E-Temperature is wireless and can be placed both in the fridge of your caravan or motorhome and in an outdoor area.
  • The E-Temperature only weighs 20 grams.
  • You can install several modules at the same time.
  • You determine the ideal temperature and humidity yourself. Is it too high or too low? Then you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone.
  • The battery lasts for at least 2 years and is easy to replace.
  • You will always receive the updates of the E-Trailer app for free.
You can immediately see the current temperature and humidity on your smartphone

Go on a camping trip with a more relaxed feeling and buy our temperature and humidity module for only €49.95.

(This does not include the basic receiver (E-Connect) which ensures that your smartphone and the module can communicate via Bluetooth.)

You can purchase E-Temperature from the dealer.

When you download the E-Trailer app you can see demonstrations of some of the modules

Feel free to ask for more information at one of our affiliated dealers.

Our mission is to make all camping trips carefree and safer. Therefore we always guarantee you a 100% satisfaction.