Safe on a camping holiday
Always aware of the current tire pressure and warnings when something is about to go wrong.

Easy in use
Replace the current valve caps for the E-Pressure's and you are ready for a safe journey!

  • Up to 10 tires
  • Two sensors per package (left and right sensor)
  • 14 days return policy
  • The E-Trailer app is free

Complete insight before departure, continuously informed during the ride

Via the app you can see your current tire pressure. You can check this before departure, but the values are also measured while driving. You will also receive a warning when the tire pressure is too high or too low!

Try all modules with the demo version of the app!

Easy installation

You can easily replace your current valve caps for the E-Pressure valve caps

No internet needed

The entire E-Trailer system works with Bluetooth

Anti-theft nuts

With the anti-theft nuts, the
E-Pressures can't just be stolen

Temperature of the air in the tires

In addition to the tire pressure, you can also see the temperature of the air in the tires

Measure up to 10 tires in the app

You can use up to 10 tire pressure sensors simultaneously

Receive alerts when on the road

Receive warning when one of the set values is reached

Add multiple tires

Add up to 10 tires to the system and stay informed. For example, the motorcycle can also be safely taken on holiday.

Extra security

Simply tighten the tire pressure sensors with the included anti-theft nuts.

Technical specifications

Voltage: 3V
Colour: black
Maximum sensors to be connected: 10 sensors (packed per 2)
Weight: 9 grams
Battery Type: CR1632 (Lithium)
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 15 mm
Pressure: Available in both Bar and PSI
Temperature: Available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit