How useful would it be if you can see the current tyre pressure on your smartphone?

You can greatly reduce the chance of a tyre blow-out with E-Pressure. In this way you are safely on the road. E-pressure keeps you constantly informed of the current tyre pressure. Is this too low or too high? You will immediately receive a notification.

Always be assured of the correct tyre pressure and make your next trip safer and more worry-free

With the E-Pressure you are aware of your tyre pressure both before departure and on the road. If the tyre pressure is too low, the load capacity decreases and the tyres become too hot while driving. The chance of a tyre blow-out increases enormously. Is the tyre pressure too high? Then the caravan has less spring comfort and therefore more to suffer. Moreover, no less than 10% more fuel is used if the tyre pressure is not good. Prevent this! The correct tyre pressure is important to be on the road safely with the camper or caravan. Get smart and safe with the E-Pressure!

Put our theft-proof smart valve caps on and from now on your tire pressure will be measured every 1.2 seconds!

  • The E-pressure valve caps are suitable for every caravan or motorhome.
  • Mounting is simple: all you have to do is replace your current valve caps with the E-Pressure caps.
  • The anti-theft protection caps weigh 9 grams and are available in sets of 2, 4 or 6.
  • With a QR code you can easily connect the sensors to your personal app.
  • You do not need an internet connection for this because it works via the E-connect Bluetooth receiver.
  • You determine the ideal tyre pressure yourself.
  • You will receive a warning on your smartphone when the tyre pressure is not at the desired level.
  • The battery lasts an average of two years and is easy to replace.
  • You receive free updates via the E-Trailer app.
You only need to replace the valve caps

Travel safely with E-pressure! You can buy these tyre pressure measurement sensors for only €109.95.

(This does not include the basic receiver (E-Connect) which ensures that your smartphone and the module can communicate via Bluetooth.)

You can purchase E-Pressure from the dealer.

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When you download the E-Trailer app you can see demonstrations of some of the modules.

Feel free to ask for more information at one of our affiliated dealers.

Our mission is to make all camping trips carefree and safer. Therefore we always guarantee you a 100% satisfaction.