Safe on the road
With the E-Load you can check the nose weight before departure to travel safely

Carefree on holiday
No more stress about the nose weight. You can check this in advance and thus ensure the correct nose weight

  • 14 days return policy
  • The E-Trailer app is free
  • E-Connect is required for use

Good road holding thanks to correct nose weight

With caravans, the correct nose weight is of great importance for safe road holding. If the nose weight is too low, the caravan can sway and if the nose weight is too high, the car will fall through the rear suspension and the front wheels of your car will have less grip – in both cases this can lead to very dangerous situations.

With E-Load the nose weight of the caravan can be measured easily and accurately. With the push of a button you can see the nose weight to 2 kg and you can travel safely.

Try all modules with the demo version of the app!

Easy installation

You replace your current nose wheel for the E-Load

No internet needed

The entire E-Trailer system works with Bluetooth

Highly accurate

The E-Load measures the nose weight to +-2 kg accurately

New and used caravans

The E-Load jockey wheel is suitable for both new and used caravans

New nose wheel

The sensor is incorporated in a nose wheel, so you will receive a completely new nose wheel

Be well informed

Before departure, you can quickly and easily see your nose weight and travel safely

Kogeldruk module

A push on the button

At the push of a button you can see the nose weight to +-2 kg and you can travel safely.

Easy to read

In the E-Trailer app you get a simple insight into the current nose weight.

Technical specifications

Voltage: 3V
Weight: 6.5 kg
Battery Type: CR2450
Maximum load: 150 kg

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  • Manual