Carefree on holiday
No more stress about the sudden failure of the stove or too little gas for cooking. The E-Gaslevel keeps an eye on the contents of the gas bottle!

Easy in use
You simply place the wireless sensor under your steel gas bottle. We have developed an adapter for aluminum gas cylinders. Unfortunately, the E-Gaslevel does not work on plastic gas bottles.

  • 14 days return policy
  • The E-Gaslevel does NOT work on plastic gas bottles
  • The E-Trailer app is free
  • E-Connect is required for use

Never unexpectedly have an empty gas cylinder

It’s a cliché, but a gas cylinder always runs out at night when the stove is whirring. Or in the pouring rain, if you just want to start cooking. That will not happen to you quickly with the E-Gaslevel module from E-Trailer. The wireless sensor measures the contents of the gas bottle and warns when the gas supply is almost empty. This allows you to replace the gas cylinder in time so that you do not get into trouble with a malfunctioning refrigerator, a malfunctioning stove or when you want to prepare a meal.

Try all modules with the demo version of the app!

E-Gaslevel in E-Trailer app

Easy installation

You simply place the wireless sensor under your gas cylinder

No internet needed

The entire E-Trailer system works with Bluetooth

Highly accurate

The level of the gas cylinder is displayed in percentages and kilograms

Always ready to cook

You never have to unexpectedly have an empty gas cylinder and you start cooking whenever you want

Receive alerts

When the gas cylinder is almost empty you will receive a warning via the app

Be well informed

You are always aware of how much gas is left in the gas cylinder

No more hassle

When opening the E-Gaslevel module, you immediately see the contents of your gas cylinder(s), so you no longer have to weigh them to estimate the contents.

For steel and aluminum gas cylinders

The E-Gaslevel module is suitable for steel gas bottles, an E-Gaslevel adapter is required for aluminum gas bottles and the E-Gaslevel unfortunately does not work for plastic gas bottles. You can find the complete list of gas cylinders on which the E-Gaslevel has been tested here.

Technical specifications

Voltage: 3V
Weight: 29g
Battery Type: CR2032
Dimensions: 87 x 47 x 7.5 mm
Min. temp: -20 °C
Max. temp: 50 °C

  • E-Gaslevel sensor
  • QR-code
  • Manual

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