Comfort during the camping holiday
Immediately know how full your battery is and whether the mover can still be used

Suitable for any battery
The E-Volt works with any type of battery

  • 14 days return policy
  • The E-Trailer app is free
  • The E-Volt is a software extension to the E-Connect
  • E-Connect is required for use

Always enough battery voltage

With the E-Volt module you can see at a glance on your smartphone how much voltage the caravan mover battery or the on-board battery of the motorhome is currently supplying. If the voltage becomes too low, you will receive a warning on your smartphone so that you can take measures. That is such a safe feeling. The E-Volt module can be adapted to any type of battery during installation: lead-acid, AGM or lithium battery.

Try all modules with the demo version of the app!

E-Volt in E-Trailer app

Easy installation

E-Volt is a software extension to the E-Connect

No internet needed

The entire E-Trailer system works with Bluetooth

Receive alerts

Get an alert if your voltage gets too low

Assured of voltage in the battery

If your battery is almost empty, you will receive a notification via the app. This way you can start charging the battery in time.

Clear overview

Do you want to know if you still have enough power? Open the E-Volt module in the app and easily see how full your battery is.

E-Volt percentages

The E-Volt module shows the voltage of the battery in percentages, but what do these percentages mean, which can be seen in the app? Click on the button to view the overview.

Technical specifications

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  • Manual