What if you never have to worry about the status of your battery again?

Nothing is as annoying as an empty battery. Avoid this frustrating feeling and choose the E-Volt. This smart module continuously measures the status of your battery. Is it almost empty? Then you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

Warning: battery almost empty. Carefree travel!

The battery is important for various functions in your motorhome or caravan. It would therefore be very worrying if you could not be surprised by an empty battery. The E-Volt makes this possible. This smart system continuously measures the status of the battery and keeps you informed via your smartphone. You will also receive a notification when it is almost empty. The E-Volt is also wireless and suitable for any type of battery. Which camper does not want this?

The E-Volt is easy to connect with the E-Connect and your battery and constantly measures the battery status.

  • The E-Volt is suitable for every 12V battery.
  • The E-Volt is built into the E-Connect. You only need to connect the E-Connect to the battery.
  • With a QR code you can easily link the module to your personal app.
  • You do not need an internet connection for this because this works via the E-connect Bluetooth receiver.
  • The battery status is constantly monitored via the module.
  • You will receive a warning on your smartphone when the battery is running low.
  • The battery lasts for at least 2 years and is easy to replace.
  • You will receive free updates via the app.
The module can be attached anywhere quickly and easily

You will never have to worry about a suddenly empty battery thanks to the E-Volt. You can buy this smart measuring system for only €39.95.

(This does not include the basic receiver (E-Connect) which ensures that your smartphone and the module can communicate via Bluetooth.)

You can purchase E-Volt from the dealer.

When you download the E-Trailer app you can see demonstrations of some of the modules

Feel free to ask for more information at one of our affiliated dealers.

Our mission is to make all camping trips carefree and safer. Therefore we always guarantee you a 100% satisfaction.