The E-Connect is the heart of the E-Trailer system. It receives information and sends it via Bluetooth to your smartphone

It is the basis on which you can connect all modules. Without the E-Connect the system will not work. In addition to the E-Connect, you can decide for yourself which modules you want to expand the system with.

E-Connect is the basis for a safe and relaxing holiday

The E-Connect is equipped with a Bluetooth receiver so that you – without an internet connection – have a connection between your smartphone and the basic measuring system. You need the E-Connect to be able to use all associated modules, as it is the heart of the E-Trailer. Of course you only have to purchase this once and you can choose which extensions suit you. So you have everything at hand via your smartphone. Your camping holiday has never been so relaxed!

Simply install the E-Connect and from then on all smart modules will be connected to your smartphone

  • The E-Connect can be mounted in any desired position.
  • You can fix it with the supplied screws.
  • Simply connect the black and red wires to your power supply.
  • The E-Connect works on 12 volt batteries and only weighs 120 grams.
  • Open the E-Trailer app and follow the instructions.
    From now the E-Connect can communicate with your smartphone.
  • The E-Connect is updated for free in the app.
E-Pressure in E-Trailer app

When you download the E-Trailer app you can see demonstrations of some of the modules.

You can enjoy your holiday without worry thanks to the E-Connect. You can buy this basic system for £144.95.

You can purchase E-Connect from our webshop or from the dealer.

E-Connect liggend in voertuig

Do you have any questions about the E-Connect? Take a look at our FAQ

E-Connect location

For the best range: mount the E-Connect at the location indicated in the picture. The E-Connect can be mounted in any desired orientation.

connect locatie icon

Feel free to ask for more information at one of our affiliated dealers.

Our mission is to make all camping trips carefree and safer. Therefore we always guarantee you a 100% satisfaction.